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New York, 12th of May 2016 – Live sports streaming websites have revolutionized the way people watch sports globally, making it possible for even people without access to live television to view their favorite sports easily and at an affordable cost. Before the advent of online sports streaming, you would often need to subscribe to an expensive cable service in order to view your favorite sporting events in real time.

Barring that, a subscription to TiVo or other recording service and equipment was the only way you could ensure that you got to find out how your team performed, albeit hours or days later than those people lucky enough to afford cable. The fortunate few, who live near sporting venues and can afford the price of season tickets, can also attend sporting events.

live sports streaming

However, if you do not happen to belong to these classes of people, you would often find yourself missing out on your favorite sporting events. Today, thanks to technological advances including faster internet, improved broadband, the introduction of smart devices and the invention of apps that allow for streaming, you can catch all your favorite sports anytime and anywhere, without having to spend copious amounts of money on a cable subscription.

We have researched for you the currently ten best sports lives streaming portals online.

Online live sports streaming offers increased flexibility, allowing you to pick and choose the services you want and cancel your subscription quickly if you are not satisfied. It also offers you greater choice from multiple service providers as well as the opportunity to stream sports across multiple devices. Sports fans with day jobs and other people with busy lifestyles can also catch up on the action or watch alternative matches of their favorite sports when they can find the time. Any sports fan with a long commute can watch matches while on the train or bus to their various destinations. In short, online sports streaming is a great way for people from all walks of life to watch their favorite sport in a way that does not interfere with their lifestyle. If you are finally ready to begin watching your favorite sports online, the following are the best streaming services available for sports lovers today:

Best 10 live sports streaming sites

Below you will now find our ranking of the best sports streaming sites.



WATCHESPN is easily the best live sports streaming website in the USA today. A service of the cable and satellite TV Company that is owned by the Walt Disney Company and Hearst International, WATCHESPN is the go to online sports streaming service for American sports lovers. After years of being the USA’s premier supplier of sports entertainment via Television, ESPN made the decision to offer live streaming services to improve subscribers overall user experience. Covering every sport from football, to hockey, to basketball and soccer, WATCHESPN offers live streaming services to Americans across the country as well as sports fans in countries like Argentina, Australia and the United Kingdom. Sports lovers are truly spoiled for choice with ESPN, gaining access to live coverage of popular sporting events such as The Superbowl, the World Series, The NBA playoffs, and international events such as the FIFA World Cup, La Liga and The Olympics.

WATCHESPN is only available to subscribers in the USA and offers special features like LiveNow, Upcoming and Replay. HD videos can be streamed through mobile devices and computers and owners of mobile devices can also access live streaming through special apps designed for IOS and Android. WATCHESPN offers 24/7 live programming via smart phones, Xbox one, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and PC. Subscribers to the service can watch programming from several ESPN Channel networks including ESPN, ESPN 2 &3, SEC Network, Longhorn Network and others. Available shows include; Mike and Mike in the morning, PTI, Sportsnation and others. WATCHESPN live sports streaming is available to current subscribers of ESPN TV channels at no additional cost. Subscribers of approved high speed internet service providers may also access ESPN3 without having to pay anything extra. College students and military personnel can also access ESPN3 on on-campus educational networks and on site/base military networks. To access the online streaming services via mobile devices, users should download the app from various stores such as GooglePlay, Amazon, Roku and other approved sites. Once you have downloaded the app, you will be required to enter the ESPN channel you are currently subscribed to, as well as your TV subscription username and password. WATCHESPN’s site is extremely user friendly, allowing for easy navigation as well as clicking through to mirror sites without any complications at all.



LiveTv is the go to option for sports fans who like to view detailed information about their favourite sporting activities live and in real time. Offering multiple live sports streaming links that cover countless sports and sporting events, LiveTv has something for even the most discriminating of sports fans. The sheer amount of sporting information available on this site can make it seem a bit disorganized but diehard sports fans will appreciate the opportunity to view live scores, match analyses, upcoming match information and video archives for highlights from matches that they may have missed. Live scores are available and are updated every minute. Football tables are available to help you keep track of what is going on in your favorite games.

A completely free service, LiveTv makes it possible for users to view live sporting events from across the globe. These sporting events include world famous games such as the Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, English Premier League, the NBA playoffs and many others. Country specific matches are also available through the hundreds of free streaming links available on LiveTv. The site uses P2P technology which allows users to view medium to high quality videos on the various streams supplied by the site. It also has the capability to support large numbers of users simultaneously without crashing. Fans can also discuss sporting events with each other by posting comments on each broadcast page that links from the free sports streams by signing up for a free account. Every sport listed on the LiveTv site has detailed information as well as direct links to the ones that are broadcasting live. If you want to search for specific radio and TV station streams, you can do this by visiting the Internet Radio and TV website where you can find a comprehensive list of available channels. A How-To watch guide is available to help you navigate through the site seamlessly. The site provides information on upcoming broadcasts, top broadcasts and the most popular videos of the day. With so much to offer sports fans, LiveTv is easily among the best online sports streaming services available.



RojaDirecta is considered by many sporting enthusiasts to be the world’s largest sports streaming indexing service. Anyone with an internet connection can access the streaming links without having to change location or pay a cent. Each of the links on RojaDirecta led back to sites that broadcast your favorite sporting events. Each sporting event is broadcast across multiple channels so that you have an alternative should one of the links you click on prove to be broken. The quality of streaming videos is generally HD, but will vary depending on the speed of your internet connection. The website is easy to navigate, with streaming links arranged in chronological order. The streaming sites are updated constantly and there is a wide range of them to pick from, ensuring that sports lovers, no matter what their favorite sport is, always have a match to view24/7. Scrolling through the streaming links is easy, and clicking on each provides even more drop down options to help you find exactly what you are looking for. All current and upcoming matches are shown in your local time to help you avoid the hassle of having to convert them yourself. The site offers you the opportunity to download previously watched full matches so that you can enjoy them all over again and conduct your own analysis of them. Video highlights are also available for already screened matches. Chronological listing of matches makes it easier to find the ones you want based on their date of screening. Links are available to every viewer with an internet connection and feature everything from major internationally renowned sporting events to lesser known local activities based on your preference. Many of these events are also available in multiple languages so you might find yourself enjoying your favorite sport broadcast in your native language. The major con about this particular website is the fact that sports have not been arranged in categories which makes navigation difficult for new users. Some users have also complained that the site’s colours are not very appealing but all in all, Rojadirecta is considered among the best free sports streaming websites for sports fans today.



Bosscast is one of the new entrants to the sports streaming segment but is already proving to be a force to be reckoned with. The site is principally geared towards US users and provides streams from several popular channels including ESPN , FOX sports, NBA TV,NBC SN, WWE NETWORK, Premier sport and international sites like Sky Sports News and BT Europe. Bosscast lists daily sports schedules with back links that lead back to the channels that stream them. Fans of sports such as soccer, hockey, basketball and many others will find plenty to keep them occupied on the more than 20 channels and sports streams available on Bosscast. This sports streaming service is free for users across the globe, and many people will be happy to learn that they can watch their favorite teams without having to worry about paying a cent. The site is easy to navigate, with the tabs arranged in an aesthetically pleasing and user friendly manner. The site has a chat feature to allow users to interact with each other and discuss live games as they watch them. The time zone tab allows users to select the zone they are in and find out what time their favorite matches will be broadcast. Bosscast boasts over 100 channels each providing live streaming matches from teams across the globe. Clicking on each channel link will reveal the live matches that are streaming on it that day, and the screening times for each. The links are updated regularly, and you can keep checking and refreshing the page to see which channels have matches streaming on them. Though the site sounds perfect, there is one major issue that will need to be ironed out in order to offer users the best experience possible. Bosscast is extremely vulnerable to scams and pop up ads, and users will need to install a strong ad blocker if they want to navigate the site without compromising their data, privacy and even hardware from malware.



Streamsports is a sports stream indexing service that provides schedules for all types of sports and sporting events to sports fans. Users can get access to live sports streaming, or catch a piece of the action later by watching the highlights. Highlights are also available live. Major sporting events that are covered by this service include the NHL, NBA, NFA and MLB. The service has a highly interactive app that allows users of smart devices to flick across multiple games on multiple screens and engage with commentators and other fans on whatever particular game they are watching on a certain screen. The app also tries to improve user experience by providing you with updates and notifications in your feed based on the teams and events you are following on social media.

Streamsports app has several additional exciting features including comprehensive visual statistics which provide graphic timelines of key plays and player substitutions to allow users to see who did what during a particular game. In addition, the app provides headline stats showing, for instance, who scored, at what minute and other statistics that help users keep track of what exactly is going on in their favorite sport. Another great feature is the in app tweet composer that allows users to share tweets about games they are following with their friends and other people in their network. The events table provides streaming links for channels that broadcast games from around the world. It also allows users to filter the available streams according to their preferences including sport, competition and event. All streams are submitted by webmasters who wish to increase the traffic going to their sites. The website conducts regular filtering of the streams to get rid of any spammy or broken links. Streamsports promises to take care of users before webmasters, and as such is committed to ensuring that users have access to the best content on the net and that the user Interface is clean and easy to use. The site encourages users to provide feedback so that any problems on the site can be sorted out, and ensure that the overall user experience becomes perfect. Popup ads are a problem with this site and it is wise to invest in an effective ad blocker to keep them under control.



LSHUNTER is a sports streaming site that arranges its various streams into easily navigable categories to improve user experience. Subscribers to the stream can search for, and find their favorite sport quickly, regardless of whether they are football, basketball, hockey, and soccer or tennis fans. If you cannot find the category you are looking for, looking under the other’ tab may reveal streams that lead to your favorite sports. The site has several buttons allowing you to share the website’s URL on social media and ensure that people in your network get to know about this great service. LSHUNTER allows you to watch sporting events as and when they occur, which means that you do not have to miss out whenever your favorite sport is in season. You can search for streams by either sport’ or competition’ category. Live streams are updated daily, and feature sporting events from the USA and/or Europe. Fans of the NBA, Premier Cup, World Series, Masters and many other championships will find it easy to view their favorite events in real-time and upon demand. To ensure you get the best user experience on this site however, ensure to install a reputable ad blocker on your site.



VIPBox is a great sports streaming site for people who want to access a wide array of sports without having to click through multiple websites to find the ones they want. The site is available in 7 different languages, to allow users from different countries to get access to both local and international sporting activities. Users can watch basketball, football, tennis, golf, horse racing and many other sports using the links provided on VIPBox. Major sporting events are also available and these include: The English Premier League, Bundesliga, 6 Nations Rugby, The US Open, Wimbledon and the NBA playoffs. All live sports streaming is completely free of charge and are embedded from reputable sites around the web. To watch streaming sports on VIPBOX, you click on the sport you want to watch. This leads you to the next section which will show which live games are available for viewing. Click on the game you want and you will be directed to a page listing all the channels that the games are available on. Like many streaming sites, clicking on the channel you want will bring up a popup ad and unless you want to sit through 20 seconds of one, ensure to invest in the services of an ad blocker. VIPBOX’s major advantage is that it offers users a wide selection of channels to stream from completely free of charge. In addition, it is not limited to users from one geographic region and has even gone the extra mile to provide services to many users in their native language. There is also a VIPBox app that you can install on your mobile phone for easy access to sporting matches on the go. Finally, the site allows you to change the webpage’s theme by providing several alternatives to the default theme. An all round crowd pleaser, this streaming service should continue to grow in popularity as more and more people choose to view their sports online.

#8 Sportlemon.TV


Sportlemon is among the easiest to use online sports streaming services available today. The site offers all the major sports including basketball, football, baseball, hockey, motoring sports and others. Links to streams that offer these sports as well as major sporting events are available completely free of charge, and are updated on a regular basis. Matches are listed according to type of sport and time of screening. Sporting events that are covered include: NFL, NBA, MLB as well as European football and sports events from as far away as Australia, including the NRL, AFL and cricket and rugby matches. Webmasters and other site users can add their sports links for free and all links are thoroughly checked to determine if they are working or if they contain spam. Sportlemon offers multiple links to sports streaming sites, so that you always have a backup in case the link you click on does not work. A refresh button is also available for that particular link, to allow you to reload it without having to refresh the entire page. Another major advantage of Sportlemon is the fact that it offers high quality streams without bogging your experience down with tonnes of popup ads. Investing in a popup ad blocker is always a good idea however. The site’s layout is simple, but this does not take away from the fact that it offers hundreds of high quality sports streams for user enjoyment. All streams are easy to access and do not require you to download special software. You simply click on the link you want and get direct access to the channel of your choice. One great feature to look out for is the Airparrot’ app, which allows owners of Mac computers and Apple TV to stream directly from the computer to the TV. The app is easy to download and by following a few installation instructions, you should be able to begin viewing live sports streams on your Apple TV in no time at all.



Firstrowsports is another top sports streaming site, providing users with an easy to navigate and completely free browsing experience. Through its simple user interface, Firstrowsports allows users to easily locate the sporting event they wish to view, and click through to the channel that will provide them with the content they desire. The streaming links are provided in list form, to allow you to select the matches you want without the clutter of graphics, pictures and other distracting items on the webpage. Clicking on each sports stream link will take you directly to the channel you want to watch. There is a refresh links’ button that allows you to update the stream links and menu information. Sports fans can access all the major popular sports such as soccer, American football, hockey, boxing, wrestling and UFC just by clinking on the available links. The streaming links are completely free of charge and you do not need to pay a cent to watch your favorite matches. Each time you click on the sport of your choice, Firstrowsports will show you which matches are scheduled for that particular sport on that day. Clicking on the match link will take you to the channel streaming that particular match.

One of the major advantages of Firstrowsports is the fact that all streaming links lead to HD viewing and you will not have to worry about poor quality videos or irritating pixelating. Another advantage is that you can check for matches that will be showing in your time zone, so that you do not waste time clicking on matches that are not available. Checking your time zone also allows you to organize your day so that you can give undivided attention to your favorite sport when it is screening. Firstrowsports live sports streaming services are available to anyone with a reliable internet connection around the world and you will only be required to pay the regular fees you would normally pay to your internet service provider. The main disadvantage of this site is that it tends to have a lot of ads, which means you have to spend more time closing them before you can proceed to the match that you want to watch. As with other sports streaming services, it is prudent to invest in a quality ad blocker to improve your experience on this site.



LAOLA1 is one of the world’s best suppliers of sports streaming services in addition to being Europe’s finest streaming platform. LAOLA1 gives its users access to multiple sporting activities completely free of charge and without requiring registration. Sports fans using this site will get access to free exclusive videos and live streams, and they can access these on multiple devices including mobile phones. Although it is based in Europe, Sports fans can access the sites streaming services across the globe and throughout the year. They can also enjoy a variety of exclusive videos and live streams of major sporting events such as the Spanish La Liga, Kontinental hockey league, Austrian Football Bundesliga, UEFA champions League, FIVB World Grand Prix, German Ice Hockey League, and many others. Streaming services are available across multiple devices such as television, the internet and mobile devices.

LAOLA1 TV has partnered with some of the most sports federations in the world to provide users with live coverage of events as well as commentaries, exclusive interviews, and full match videos. Partnering sports federations include: CEV (European Volleyball Federation), FIH (International Hockey Federation), ETTU (European Table Tennis Union) and many others. LAOLA1 streams to channels devoted to individual sports and is constantly looking for more partners in order to improve user experience and build larger fan bases for sporting federations around the world. LAOLA1 also has an app to allow users to access streaming services through their mobile devices. Users who want an even more exclusive experience can sign up for premium membership and get access to content across multiple devices, HD videos and fewer ads. Premium membership fees differ across different countries but will usually start at €3.99 renewable monthly. Signing up and cancelling a subscription can be done via apple ITunes. While a generally user friendly site with great benefits, LAOLA1 does have a few cons, including the fact that viewing is restricted in some countries, as well as the fact that non premium members sometimes have to sift through a large number of ads before they can access the service.


Sports streaming services are changing the game as far as sports broadcasting services are concerned. No longer a preserve of people with cable services, they are making sporting events available to growing numbers of sports fans easily and at an affordable cost and sometimes even completely free of charge. Anyone with an internet connection can access many of these services across multiple devices regardless of the part of the globe they are resident in. Further, streaming services are easy to fit into your lifestyle as their availability means you have access to an almost unlimited number of live streaming sites and can simply choose to watch a different match in case you miss out on the one you had planned on watching. You can also watch sports on the go on your mobile device which will help to keep you entertained especially if you have a long commute. Being able to stream sports whenever you want and wherever you are is bound to see more and more people begin to make sports streaming a major part of their sports consumption. This is good news for both sports fans, who will benefit from improved viewing as webmasters compete for their attentions, and webmasters, who can draw growing numbers of traffic to their websites. A large number of live sports streaming sites are available to provide sports fans with unlimited access to sporting events, and knowing the best one to choose will help you save hours you would have spent browsing the internet looking for the right service. By sticking to the best live sports streaming services on the internet, you can be sure that you will enjoy hours of uninterrupted viewing, at a very affordable cost and at a location that is convenient for you.

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